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Weekend Shop Your Closet & Fighting Seasonal Depression

I went back to the gym this week! I take yoga classes twice a week just to stay flexible, but I hadn’t been on the treadmill since last spring. Just laziness, I guess, because I always feel better when I exercise. For the past 5 years or so, I have suffered in the winter from SADD, Seasonal Affective Depression Disorder. I’m fine until about the end of January, and then it hits me. It’s not a serious depression, more of a low grade one. I feel listless and unmotivated. Now that I know that I have the disorder, I try to prepare for it.  I take 5,000 BTU of Vitamin D3 year around, but the thing that helps me most is exercise! If I can get on the treadmill and walk/run 2-3 miles, the endorphins will kick in and make me feel better. I also have a “happy light” that I use in the morning. There are many of these on the market, but here is a link to the one I have. I would be interested in knowing if any of you suffer from this disorder, and what helps you get through the winter?

This week’s Shop Your Closet outfit is one that most of you probably have in your closet.

I’ve had this white Pom Pom v neck sweater for at least eight years. The v neck is a flattering neckline for most everyone. Since it’s no longer available, I have linked three different sweaters, here, here and here. And some of them are on sale!

Today I chose to dress it up with three different strands of pearl necklaces. Sometimes I wear a scarf with the outfit. I had planned to style a scarf with it to show you another way to style it, but we had driven out of town to take the photos, and I left it behind.


I wore my dark wash modern skinny jeans from Loft with this outfit. Here is a link.

My suede fringe booties are from Target. They are a few years old, so I linked a couple similar pair here and here.

My tote handbag is from the Coach outlet a few years ago. Here is a similar one from Macy’s.

I’m so glad the weekend is here! Have a great weekend, everyone! Linking to and


6 thoughts on “Weekend Shop Your Closet & Fighting Seasonal Depression

  1. Hi Debbie – I too am bothered by SAD in the winter months as well, and so several years ago I started supplementing with Vit D as well, and have kept it up – it makes SUCH a difference. I also am a regular at exercising. When there is not snow on the ground I walk 3-5 miles each day in the mornings, and LOVE it. Once the snow and ice come, I am grounded and use my treadmill inside and my rebounder, which I also love. I have a sunrise alarm clock, and that helps too! Keep working at that exercise for those endorphins!!!

    1. Thanks for the tips, Debbie. I’m going to look into that sunrise alarm clock. I agree – I think exercise helps the most!

  2. Hi Debbie, I had to live in northern states for my husband’s job and found out I suffered from SAD (I moved from a Florida). I used a happy light, exercised, ate healthy foods, and also took 5-HTP, what a difference. I bought mine at Whole Foods but most health food stores carry it. I’m back in the south and I will never move up north ever again. SAD was such a struggle for me, almost debilitating. My heart goes out to you.

    1. I am going to try the 5-HTP. I had not heard of that before. If I can prepare ahead of time before it hits me, I do much better! It usually doesn’t hit me until February – but will last through March and April due to lack of sun here. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Thank you for sharing this Debbie! I have trouble in the winter too. i am good Vit D wise, and do PT exercises for strength. hubby and i walk the pups, so i will exercise with walking, but when the temps do dip below freezing, i dont want to be outside. i have a treadmill at home that is older and the incline broke, but i agree, the endorphins do life your mood. I think this is one reason i am not a fan of winter.
    love the white pom pom sweater on you, such a pretty neutral look1
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

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